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ANYA Braid Bar is a Beauty Bar in Glendale, CA

ANYA Braid Bar welcomes you to experience beautiful branding techniques for men and women in Glendale, CA. Our braid boutique offers hairstyles including braids, French braids, men's hair styling, special event hair, and more. We are committed to providing a braid that you love at an affordable price.

We have over 30 styles to choose from for any occasion. Our service is quick, about 15-60 minutes, and we take walk-ins, but clients can also make reservations, especially if they are going to a party and need to be sure that we have the time slot for them. Client's are not limited to our menu; they can email or bring us a photo of the style they want.

We don't always want to deal with hair in the morning, and we can't always visit a salon - braids are an elegant, beautiful solution. A simple braid can have you looking great in just 15 minutes. But braids aren't limited to what you knew in elementary school - some of the most elegant updos in media are done with braiding. Save yourself time and money with braids done easily at ANYA Braid Bar. Healthy hair takes time and patience, but we're constantly damaging it with products and heat. Give your hair a break from the daily stress of hair dryers and sprays by choosing from the vast selection of gorgeous braided styles and textures.

We offer quality hair maintenance and exceptional customer service for all of your braiding needs. It is our passion for the art of beauty that helps us create the optimal experience for each client by taking a personal interest in every service that we provide. We personalize all of our services to make it all about you, so you can be confident that your beauty needs will be taken care of by a friendly expert who will put you up to the latest trends, styles, and techniques. We are conveniently located in the mall for free and easy parking. Contact us to learn more about our hair accessory shop or to talk to a braiding stylist today! 


ANYA Braid Bar is a Beauty Bar in Glendale, CA
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